Every new patient receives a very detailed report of findings. Plan at least 30 minutes. During this time Chiropractic is explained in detail. If you have experienced Chiropractic Care in the past. This is a MUST. Did you have a treatment plan? Specifically, a starting point and ending point. We are often intrigued when talking with people about Chiropractic Care and they have no treatment plan, no starting point, no ending point, no re-exam to determine progress.

Do you understand the importance of joint motion? How do you know if you are making progress? Is pain an indicator of improvement? If so, then why does the pain return? Are you interested in only getting pain relief? If so, the pain will return the way it has always done before. The problem must be corrected. You must know the answers to these questions. This 30 minutes is the most important part of your treatment!