Simon Sinek, states in his book, Leaders Eat Last, that only about 20% of Americans love their jobs. When this fact is investigated many things come into play. Ultimately, as Sinek states “what is necessary is an environment in which people feel they can express themselves honestly and be recognized and celebrated for their progress.” Individuals must feel safe at their places of employment in order to express themselves freely and be allowed to celebrate.

At Glendale Chiropractic we are fortunate in that we are able to engage in one of the strongest of human emotions. That is engaging ion the ability to help others. We do this on a daily basis. Now, I will be the first to admit that not always at 6:15 am do you see a bunch of smiling faces, but ultimately every pulls together and has each other’s back, no pun intended. The circle, represents the Circle of Safety, mentioned by Aesop, in the sixth century, BC. A place where people feel and realize their job in not in jeopardy every day. This enables them to focus on their primary responsibility, which is to help people. Our Team work at Glendale Chiropractic is by far, our offices strongest characteristic. One of the reasons, our Circle of Safety.

The G and C color differentiation represents the Yin and Yang of Life. This symbol represents that two opposite energies create harmony and balance within the universe. This energy is in all living matter and is the basis that nothing can exist by itself. Chiropractic is all about re-establishing the body balance.

The Spine, and nervous system, in my opinion, states Dr. Fortunato, represents the body’s amazing ability to communicate with itself. As long as the brain can communicate with the body and the body can communicate with the brain you will function at 100%. Imagine a world where everyone could communicate 100% with everyone else.