When Should I Worry About Joint Pain?

When Should I Worry About Joint Pain?

If you’ve got an active lifestyle, you’ve probably felt joint pain at some point. However, when does your joint pain go from standard to something you should worry about? Your chiropractor, Dr. Joseph Fortunato, and Dr. Rebecca Street, of Glendale Chiropractic, will tell you what signs to look out for if you’re having joint pain in Indianapolis, IN.


Inflammation of your joints could result in some swelling and redness. Your body mobilizes your immune cells to the site of the inflamed joint. The action of these cells could result in water retention and the swelling that you observe.

If you’re getting swollen joints, especially in your fingers, you should reach out to your doctor. Some joint conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis feature joint inflammation.

Morning Joint Stiffness 

In the morning, you might not be yourself fully. You’ve been asleep and stationary for hours so, you might wake up with a little stiffness in your joints.

However, if you’re waking up almost unable to move your joint, it’s a sign that something might be wrong.

The progressive degeneration of joint tissue and inflammation might make movement after extended rest periods difficult.


If you’re running a temperature in addition to your joint pain, you might need urgent medical care.

Fever and chills might indicate that you have a joint infection.

Limited Mobility 

Have you noticed a reduction in your range of motion?

If your joint pain is restricting your joint from moving into different positions, you might need your chiropractor’s help.


If you find yourself limping suddenly, it means your joint injury is serious enough for your body to sacrifice biomechanics of movement.

Limping for more than a day or two means that you need to see your doctor.

Prolonged Joint Pain 

If your joint has been giving you trouble for more than three days without sign of improvement, consider professional care.

Your chiropractor can help you identify the cause of your joint pain in Indianapolis, IN, and develop treatment strategies.

If you’re having repeated joint pain episodes in a month interfering with your life, you’ll also be needing your doctor’s care.

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